Advantages and Innovations

Wide Range of Applications

Streamphony serves as a streaming middleware, and it is transparent to applications. It supports all types content streaming, such as video, audio, and data streaming. Video streaming applications include Internet TV, Mobile TV, Cyber University, Conferencing, etc. Data streaming includes stock-quote streaming. 

CDN-P2P Technology

Streamphony achieving its scalability by building a backbone streaming cloud together with a P2P client cloud.

Substream Technology

The multimedia stream is divided into multiple substreams, which are intelligently sent over multiple paths to distributed proxies.

Optimized Push V/S Random Pull

Unlike BT-like pull model, which pulls video segments by random and parallel downloading, Streamphony streams video in a "proactive" way to the destinations and packets are delivered to the next hop once they are received. With this push approach, Streamphony achieves extremely low delay within seconds, which is substantially lower than other existing pull-based approaches. The network bandwidth can be better utilized, and hence lower the cost and improve video streaming rate.

Seamless Integration with IP Multicast

Streamphony fully utilizes IP multicast wherever it is available. Its patented technology allows seamless integration with IP multicast by optimized overlay bridges.


Streamphony monitoring system provides a graphical view of the network for better visualization, performance monitoring and management of the servers, proxies and clients.

Global Trials

Streamphony has undergone many trials and tests at the lab and global testbed. Streamphony is ready for technology transfer.  It can be easily adopted by content providers & TV broadcasters.

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