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Streamphony is a research project supported by Innovation and Technology Commission, which is carried out by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and is strongly supported by the industry.

Our Team

Principal Investigator

Engineering Manager

  • Ms HUANG Wen


    Huang Wen joined two very successful startups as a Software Engineer in the U.S after her graduation. Ignitus Communications, LLC (Acton, MA), specialized in ATM edge switch, was acquired by Lucent Technologies. Equallogic Inc. (Nashua, NH), specialized in Peer to Peer iSCSI SAN, was acquired by Dell for $1.4 billion. She joined both startups at an early stage of the company and took active part in the development of what became a successful company. She was a key designer and engineer for several key software components. She was involved with channel building with the Asian market. She was also actively involved with quality assurance and customer support process. Huang Wen attained her MS degree in Computer Science from Harvard University (Cambridge, MA), and her BS degree with honor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of California Berkeley (Berkeley, CA).

    Huang Wen joined the MTrec HKUST team on April 2007. She provided leadership and project management on the following projects’ design, development and quality control process: Lavinet, SmartMesh, SIM Peer to Peer Live Broadcast, VMesh Peer to Peer VOD, Monitoring tool, QA. She is familiar with Research Funding Schemes around the area. She is one of the key persons on proposal write-up and application management. She has heavy involvement with the business development of the potential spin off of the research project, including product planning, business plan development, customer portfolio building, pricing strategic planning, venture investment seeking, among others.